Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Setting Yourself Up for Success

I cannot be the only one that works full time, has a full course load for school, volunteers, has a social life, exercises and reads and writes for pleasure. I know there has to be someone else like me out there. 

I am in a constant state of déjà vu. It is literally every day someone asks me, “How do you do it?” My favorite response is, “I’m not saying I'm Superwoman, I’m stating the fact that Superwoman and I have never been in the same room together.”

The need of time management and self-discipline are key factors of my everyday life. It has taken me years to master these skills. I must admit, I don’t have as much time as I want in certain categories. However, isn't that part of being an adult and doing adult things? The main thing that keeps me going is that I know if I hang in there, the outcome will be my reward.

You have to set goals and decide how to achieve them. Setting short term goals to reach your long term goals is just as essential as the dream itself. Start off small, but aim big!

I have a big planner that has every assignment, appointment, study time, social time, writing, etc. in it. I actually have it scheduled down to the very hour. I live by it. I have to. It is my guideline to get stuff done.

Do I like it? No. In fact, I loathe the stupid thing. It pains me to see how little free time I have and the fact that I have to schedule free time. A lot of days, it just reminds me of an overbearing “to-do list.” I swear it stares back at me and half-tempts me to chuck it out the car window.

In this said planner, I make little stars next to the tasks that need done first and that are the most important. I note the stuff that can wait until the next day. However, don’t procrastinate either. Try to get goals done early if possible.

Coffee. Coffee, coffee and more coffee is a girl’s best friend. In fact, I'm drinking coffee right now as I write this.

Try to have a set place where you get your work done. If you have a study room at home, make sure it’s clean. If the area around you is clean, it leaves your brain clean and ready to work. Make sure you set the mood. If quiet isn’t your forte, play some Pandora in the background.

This also reiterates my #2 point. Set yourself a time frame of working on homework, writing, hobby of choice, exercising etc. and stick to it. At first, give yourself a small time limit to work and if you go over that limit, GREAT! The goal is to set yourself up for success.

You've worked hard and you deserve a reward. When I accomplish something big, my favorite thing to do is to go on a trip. For smaller rewards, I go get my nails done or my hair styled. So get a massage and hang out with some friends! It's important to do this, that way you're feel like you are accomplishing something and not overworking yourself.

Is achieving your goals going to be hard? Hell yeah, it is. I guarantee you it’ll be worth it in the end. If it was easy, everyone one would do it.

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